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AC Tune-Up in Dover, NH

AC Tune-Up in Dover, NHIf you’re looking for a professional AC tune-up in Dover, NH, then you’re a smart homeowner who understands the importance of AC maintenance when it comes to your home’s air conditioning system. Proactive Comfort and its trained and qualified HVAC technicians are happy to help. We offer Dover residents the high-quality AC tune-up services they need to ensure their homes stay cool and cozy, all summer long.

AC Tune-Up Basics

Savvy homeowners understand that their AC systems continuous performance and long life span depend largely on AC maintenance. Those that don’t are typically those folks who end up with an unexpected system breakdown or failure during the hottest part of the New Hampshire summer, leaving them without the cool air they (and their families) need to stay comfortable.

A thorough AC maintenance regimen typically includes:
  • Condenser coil cleaning
  • Coolant check
  • Lubrication of moving parts
  • Thermostat calibration
  • Ductwork inspection
  • Electrical connections check
  • Blower/blower belt check

One of the most important aspects of an AC tune-up is cleaning of the condenser coils to maximize your AC unit’s efficiency—and as a result, reduce your energy bills. In addition, keeping your condenser coils clean reduces the amount of wear-and-tear your AC is put through during hot summer weather.

Our Experts Offer Quality AC Tune-UpsOur HVAC technicians also take a close look at your unit’s coolant level, ensuring that it is sufficient for the ongoing performance of your unit this season. All moving parts in your AC system are lubricated as needed, which reduces friction and results in lowered operational costs.

AC maintenance also requires that thermostat calibration is performed, which helps to verify that your thermostat is working properly. Ductwork is inspected to rule out any potential for energy loss in your duct system, since any holes or torn/missing ductwork can allow energy to escape from your home, resulting in lessened performance and higher energy costs.

Your HVAC tech also inspects the electrical connections and components of your AC unit and verifies that they are tightened and in safe operational order. Other tasks, such as inspection of fittings and suction lines, and time delay relay, for example, are performed. And finally, the blower motor and belt are evaluated to ensure they are in good condition and working as they should.

Schedule AC Maintenance in Dover

When it comes to your AC system, AC maintenance is vital to its ongoing performance and long service life. With proper, regularly scheduled AC tune-ups, your central air unit, heat pump, split system, or ductless unit can perform at its best and provide you with the cool air your family expects.

Reach out to Proactive Comfort for an expert AC tune-up in Dover that addresses all aspects of your AC system, and then enjoy peace of mind that your home will stay cool all season.

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